derived from the Latin word 'Sentire' - meaning "to perceive and feel." 

A scent can remind us of a special memory; of a day spent by the sea, a loved one, or it can simply make us feel uplifted and bright in our everyday lives. 


By opening up your wedding to the experience of the senses not only will your wedding have its signature style emphasised, but its scent will also provoke a feeling in your guests; helping to elevate your wedding in the memory and sensory experience of your family and friends. 


So how do you come up with a way to fill your wedding day with beautiful, unique to you and personal scents?


We have compiled a list of our top four ways to create a sensory wedding experience...




#1 - Flowers.

This may seem pretty obvious, but of course flowers are the most organic way to create a beautiful scent at your wedding.

When you meet with your chosen florist ask them about scents, placing flowers together that harmonise together is so important to create that dreamy floral scent.




#2 - Candles & Fragrance.

Filling your wedding venue with a light beautiful scent can really make all the difference to your wedding atmosphere.

Combining non-scented and scented candles can create a really delightful and yet subtle scent, which will create a calming, pleasant and lovingly detailed ambience.  

Fragrance is perfect for spritzing around the room just before guests enter, and it can create a very delicate hint of scent.

Another personal favourite of ours are diffusers! We absolutely love diffusers because of their ability to control the level of scent entering the space.

Sometimes it is the simplest of detail such a scent which gets forgotten.




#3 - Food & Drinks.

Of course you want your wedding food to taste exquisite! But shouldn't it also smell incredible too?! 

We believe that your food should tie into the sensory journey that you have created for your guests.


Remember when you meet with your caterers these three words; taste, smell, texture.


Ask yourself…

How does this smell?

How does this taste?

How does this look?


How do the textures feel when eating this food? Is it easy to eat and do I feel relaxed when eating this food?


Also ask yourself these same questions when selecting drinks. creating a signature cocktail is a huge trend. make sure that this truly represents your wedding and adds to the sensory experience in a positive way.




#4 - Your Perfume & Fragrance. 

Selecting your wedding fragrance can be a lovely experience for the bride and groom.

Before your wedding it is a good idea to set up a little collection of samples. Keep smelling these scents whenever you have time.

scents are a very personal taste and it is important that you feel yourself on your wedding day.

Whether it's a classic favourite or a new fragrance entirely, don’t be afraid to explore this wonderful world!

Also remember that you want to smell great as a couple too. an overpowering men’s fragrance could interrupt your scent entirely. this is something to consider and discuss with your groom.




It's so easy and enjoyable to make scent a part of your special day, and it's something that we promise people will notice!