Elements of you.


Objects, passions and representations of you as individuals and as a couple.


This could be something as simple as an old photograph of family or yourself. Or if you want to be creative together, a pre-wedding shoot is perfect to create a sense of you; beautiful to look back at and can be used as part of your day.



Think about you and your style as a couple.


if you aren’t sure, start with a simple list of words that represent you both. How is your home designed? how do you feel comfortable? What atmosphere do you like to be in together, sophisticated or relaxed? This will tie into your guest experience. the way you eat your wedding breakfast, how will your guests experience you


Be careful not to fall into a trap of trying to impress. your wedding is about you. often the simple details are the most powerful.


Process Driven Design.


Don’t just pick things you like from here and there. Really think about the emotions you want to feel; the way the textures, smells and tastes will come together to create a special and unique atmosphere.


Your guests will remember these small details.




Being a bride can be the most incredible and the most daunting experience.


Remember why you are doing this. how you felt when you began this journey.


It’s easy to get caught up and expect perfection. Letting go a little and compromising will help you to gain back control.