The decision to propose to your loved one is such a special but equally important one!


It's often a little overwhelming to know how/when to do it and, if you haven't happened to receive a few subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) hints from your 'fiancé(e)-to-be' about the ring of their dreams, the added pressure of choosing the right ring can be quite daunting too!


To give you a little helping hand, Nancy and I have been speaking with the incredibly lovely Maxine and Emma at independent and multi award-winning British luxury jeweller 'ROX' to get their top tips and advise on this incredibly beautiful and life changing occasion! 

What do you think the most stressful thing about proposing is?


Finding the perfect ring is often the most stressful part about popping the question. There are so many different styles to choose from, so finding one that captures the style and personality of a partner can understandably be a little daunting.


We’re honoured to offer help and advice every step of the way to ensure our clients feel comfortable with their choice. However, we are seeing more couples than ever before choose the ring together to remove any element of doubt. In fact, 30 per cent of people who took part in our recent Perfect Proposal Survey with Confetti said that they came ring shopping together.

What are your top 5 proposal planning checklist tips?

No. 1

Timing is everything, so plan ahead. There’s no denying that getting down on one knee is both thrilling and terrifying in equal measure so it’s important to be ready. Making a plan not only makes the moment all the more memorable but it also helps prepare you for the big moment. After all, you don’t want to be lost for words when you have a very important question to ask.

No. 2

Do you know the style of ring your partner has their heart set on? From round brilliant cut solitaire designs to cool emerald cuts, there are a myriad of different designs to choose from so it’s always good to have a sense of what your partner would prefer. Our new Online Concierge Tool is great for those keen to find out more about their partner’s tastes.

No. 3

There’s no escaping the allure of a beautiful diamond but it’s important to know just what makes a sparkler so special. At ROX we believe in the 5Cs which represent Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Certification. Each plays a part in creating a truly mesmerising engagement ring, so it’s important to keep them in mind when searching for the perfect ring.

No. 4

It’s always good to have an idea of your partner’s ring size when looking for an engagement ring but important to remember that it isn’t vital. Most engagement rings can be re-sized to make them larger or smaller, while rings that cannot be adjusted (such as rings with diamonds set on the band) can be exchanged or remade for the perfect fit.

No. 5

Find the perfect spot. A proposal is a moment like no other so it’s important to get the setting just right. For those looking for a little inspiration we have pulled together Perfect Proposal Guides to each of our cities – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Leeds and Newcastle – which help our couples plan a truly special adventure.

What advice would you give the proposer when choosing the right ring for their potential fiancé(e)?


It’s important to remember there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to finding the perfect ring. An engagement ring is a sparkling symbol of commitment and a celebration of your love, so as long as it captures the personality and spirit of your partner you can’t go wrong. If you really can’t decide, why not pop the question with a token ring? That way you have the capture the charm and magic of the moment whilst still allowing your partner the opportunity to choose their own design.

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Do you have any proposal do’s and don’ts?


Do choose your moment carefully. You only get one shot at the perfect proposal so it’s important to take your time to get it right. A proposal is a reflection of your relationship and a celebration of your love in all its glory so be sure the time, place and mood are just right.


Don’t be afraid to show off your romantic side. Whether it’s an intimate dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date or a quirky in-joke that means everything to you both, make it personal to show off your devotion.

What is the average cost of an engagement ring? 


The most popular price point for a ROX diamond engagement ring is between £1500 - £3000.  There used to be a saying that you should spend one to three months’ salary on an engagement ring but we say spend what's comfortable.  

Is it a good idea to consult family & friends when selecting an engagement ring, or is it best to choose it yourself?


Ultimately it comes down to personal choice. If you feel like you need a little extra advice from friends and family and know they can keep a secret then it could help ease the pressure of ring choice.


This is where our Online Concierge Tool comes in handy; you could get their best friend to take the quiz on behalf of your partner to get an idea of designs they might like.

Does a custom-made ring mean THAT it will be much more expensive?


It very much depends on what design you’re looking for. We’re proud to be champions of the art of craftsmanship with all of our engagement rings designed in-house and handcrafted in our London workshops. 


Only one per cent of the diamonds we see actually make it into our rings and each design is both delicate and charming thanks to its refined features – there really is something for everyone. However, we are able to offer advice on bespoke design for those looking for something a little different.

And Lastly…


What is the best advice you could give to someone who is looking for an engagement ring?


To put it simply, come in and see us. We’re honoured to become part of your story and our diamond specialists are proud to offer advice and support that is second to none. Customer care is at the heart of everything we do and are proud to offer a service and designs that reflect just that.


If you’re keen to have a little bit more information before coming to see us or are interested in shopping online, be sure to check out our guide to the 5Cs so you know what makes a diamond really special and, of course, try the online concierge tool for yourself.



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