Something we always talk about is our passion for the undone beauty of simple  design. We find that we are constantly drawn to this aesthetic of the simple


Where did my love for this type of style come from?


As a designer I have always been interested in a clean look; perhaps stemming from my Bachelors in Contour Fashion. As a young designer I would seek out this juxtaposition between overly intricate detailing with a sleek and modern design.


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It’s this classic style which constantly comes back into fashion, and I believe as humans this is because we need to focus on less…When our minds are so preoccupied with technology, work, relationships, life, I find for me having a calming place to relax in that focuses on beauty and elegance is my escape from all of this.


How can simplicity make my wedding better?


Weddings can and usually are in some way inherently stressful (even for the most chilled out bride) but this is where design and simplicity can create a serene atmosphere for both you and your guests.



Sometimes less is more…



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We can put so much effort into cluttering a table, and fitting in so many elements, trends, and fads...



But our style ethos encourages a stripped back approach; boldly making a statement whether it’s a floral arrangement simply placed on a table nothing else needed, or an aisle made up entirely of white candles. Creating an un-fussed, elegant, & timeless wedding will honestly look so much more incredible, cost less, and have a bigger impact.


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