One of our mantras is that simplicity is the basis of style. By allowing objects, textures and tones to speak for themselves you can create something truly elegant and timeless.


Focus on t e x t u r e and t o n a l i t y and you can’t go wrong when creating a tablescape. These elements are so effective at evoking a sense of depth and adding dimension to the table.


Think about levels - the height of candles, and glassware. You don’t want a flat looking table, you want our eyes to move over the tablescape and take in its beauty.


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Adding natural elements such as foliage is the perfect way to set off this relaxed  look and contrasts with the uniformity of the tableware.


Also key to this look is the table itself - whether you choose stone, textured wood or linens...


the back drop should act like the canvas of a painting and establish the mood.

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Lastly consider a pop of colour, a ribbon tied around a boutonnière to direct your guest to their name card.