Often in social situations when asked what we do, people are sometimes surprised and taken aback because they don’t really understand the role or purpose of a wedding planner and stylist.


Unlike in the U.S., wedding planners are a fairly modern and new concept in the U.K. and Europe so it’s not a total shock to us when we get these kinds of reactions.


The thing is, nowadays more and more couples are turning to wedding planners to help with their wedding.

So Why Hire A Wedding Planner?


We’ve come up with what we think are the best reasons to hire a wedding planner…




No. 1 -

A Wedding Planner Has That Elusive Time That You Might Not Have.


You and your fiancé most likely have incredibly demanding and stressful full time jobs – so do you really want to spend every waking minute of your free time dedicated to planning?




For most modern couples, this level of dedication just isn’t very realistic (especially when the sun is out and there are so many distractions and social commitments out there). You want to enjoy your time being an engaged couple, and unless you’ve very lucky and have a partner who is very into wedding planning, it usually ends up - like in Katie’s case - with your fiancé wanting a relatively hands-off approach (as long as the food is great, the music’s loud and the wine is flowing – he’s happy).


A wedding planner doesn’t take away the magic of making those exciting wedding decisions. They can help you to shortlist your options and deal with the tedious less romantic elements of wedding planning logistics - giving you more time to focus on the best bits like food tastings and dress shopping!



No. 2 -

A Wedding Planner Knows How to Manage Budgets.


It’s part of a wedding planners job to be precise with numbers. For you it may take a lot of time, effort and frustration; but for a wedding planner who is used to number crushing and analysing tedious excel spreadsheets this comes naturally.


A wedding planner can help you to avoid those costly mistakes that you might otherwise make, and it’s always good to have someone to bring you back down to earth when getting overexcited about things that you might not be able to afford - whilst also giving you alternative options that are just as equally amazing!  



No. 3 -

A Wedding Planner Is Your Index For Wedding Suppliers.


A lot of time and sometimes wasted effort goes into wading through Google’s endless supply of caterers, marquee companies and cake designers.


It’s often so hard to know whether they’re any good, and do you really want to determine your wedding based on a review written by a stranger who you barely know (probably five years ago).


Wedding Planners know their market and spend a huge amount of their time building relationships with tried and tested vendors. They know what to look for in a vendor and what questions need to be asked from the onset - saving you time and making sure that you avoid those mistakes right from the beginning.


If they’re like us, they won’t accept commission from vendors, and any advice that they give to you is purely based on your best interest. Not to forget wedding planners can often pass supplier discounts on to you - which always helps with that elusive budget management!


Wedding planners can also help you with boring (and sometimes scary) vendor contracts, which are equally very important to get right!



No. 4 -

A Venue/Catering Coordinator Is Not A Wedding Planner.


We’ve worked with some really great venue coordinators who can be really helpful and honestly indispensable!


However, they aren’t wedding planners and they won’t be there with you throughout the whole process. In short, venue coordinators work for the venue and not for you, and sadly they don’t always care about all of the little additional details.


A wedding planner will be dedicated to your wedding vision.


They will know every element and they will ensure that everything is executed perfectly when it comes to your big day!



No. 5 -

A Wedding Planner Loves Lists.


It’s a known fact amongst friends that we are both absolutely obsessed with making lists!


A wedding planner will know the plan for your wedding like the back of their hand! It’s second nature to them to make schedules, timelines and checklists and they will always make sure that everyone keeps to the schedule. 



No. 6 -

A Wedding Planner Has Experience.


Wedding planners are always up to speed with the latest trends as well as old traditions.


The have experience of what works and doesn’t work – they learn from other weddings.


It’s part of a wedding planner and stylist’s job to read blogs and magazines, and to come up with unique ideas and inspiration.


A wedding planner will also be fully insured and able to deal with any unexpected problems that may come up.


Your wedding only happens once in your life so why not make sure it all runs perfectly?!



No. 7 -

A Wedding Planner Is A Professional at What They Do.


It’s not always realistic to rely on friends and family. Things can go wrong at the last minute – and you don’t want to have to deal with them.


Not only can you often feel like you’re asking too much of friends (or that you don’t want to offend them if you become at any point too bossy), your friend may just get a bit carried away with the champagne and socialising and forget their responsibilities and timings!


A wedding planner will always get things done and won’t let anything get in the way of their meticulously planned schedules! At the end of the day it’s their job.



No. 8 -

A Wedding Planner Can Be Your Mediator.


Lots of people may come to you with their ideas of what your dream wedding should look like and how it should run! It’s so hard and often daunting to tell people that you don’t like their suggestions, and you’re probably worrying too much about offending people.


A wedding planner can be a good intermediary and can communicate your thoughts and feelings with your best interest at heart (without getting involved in family politics).


Sometimes it helps family members to get a professional and realistic perspective of what will and will not work.



No. 9 -

A Wedding Planner Can Actually Save You Money.


It’s true. You might think that you can’t afford a wedding planner and that it’s perhaps an extravagant expense - but when you think about all of the money that you’re investing into your day already, why stop there?


a wedding planners budget management skills and their ability to get you vendor discounts and avoid costly mistakes can make you huge savings in the long run!