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Lily & Sage | Best Wedding Planner & Stylist | UK & Europe


Lily & Sage | Best Wedding Planner & Stylist | UK & Europe

Isn't it so hard to know what to do when you're growing up?


One of the lovely facts about our company is that it just felt natural.



Luxury Wedding Planner UK | Lily & Sage

When I picture my ideal day, I imagine myself waking up next to my future husband Tom in our light airy bedroom; the wooden flooring and the big white bed filled with fresh, clean linens are illuminated by the sunlight shining in through the large sash windows. I'm confident, productive and full of energy and anticipation for another day ahead working alongside my beautiful sister and best friend Nancy.


When I graduated from The University of Leeds in 2010, I moved down to London for work. I absolutely loved the vibrant atmosphere of the city; full of potential, ambition and culture.


However, after almost six years I was working in Human resources for a fantastic digital marketing company with some absolutely lovely people, but i just kept on thinking to myself "is this my future? is this where I want to be in ten years time?" For some reason I felt anxious, sad and a little bit lost...I didn't feel that I had a real purpose. i wanted more.


Have you ever felt like that?


In July 2015, Nancy and I planned a surprise party for our Mother Jo's birthday (infact it probably wasn't a complete surprise to her as we have always loved to throw a good party for friends and family, and grasp at any opportunity to do so). The next day our Father John said to me how much he loved seeing my eyes light up whenever i was planning an event - whether it be personal, for school & university or for work. he said to me "you just don't seem so alive at the moment". He asked me whether i was truly happy in my career and whether I would ever think of channeling my energy and passion into creating my own business.  


Growing up Nancy and I had always been such close sisters. We always the same vision for style and the beautiful things in life, and something just felt right about bringing our experiences together to do something that had a purpose for us.


We realised that we absolutely complemented each other as sisters; having our own unique strengths that we could each bring to the table. With my business experience, Nancy's creative mind and the love and support of our friends and family around us, we felt absolutely certain that we could build a successful business that we loved.


And so, Lily & Sage was born.



Luxury Wedding Planner UK | Lily & Sage

After graduating from De Montfort University with a degree in Contour Fashion, I felt unsure about entering a large commercial design team. It just didn't feel like me. It felt unnatural, forced and almost like I would be doing something that I was expected to do, not that I wanted to do. 


I wanted to work in an artistic fuelled environment, but I was unsure about where. I began to explore art conservation and restoration. I loved immersing myself in the history and beauty of the objects that I was working with and the places that I was working in, but I felt I wasn't being true to myself as a creative and that I wasn't truly utilising the skills and experience that I had gained during my design degree.


When Katie came to me with the idea to create Lily & Sage, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity for me to truly do what I had always dreamed of doing. i have always been passionate about building a visual story, and felt that I would really be able to do this by working with couples to find and develop their style. 


The thought of doing this with my sister and closest ally was incredible. I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather go into business with.  

Luxury Wedding Planner UK | Lily & Sage

Our name.

Finding a name that reflects you can actually be quite difficult. In fact, it was even harder because there were two of us. We spent months bouncing ideas off one another, and even asking family and friends for ideas.

It was then that we realised we wanted something with a story behind it, something meaningful to us. Our childhood cat Lily came to mind. Memories of her sunbathing amongst the herb garden in our family home. 

Although sadly Lily is now in cat heaven, we now have our two adorable company mascots Harry & Wolsey. There's not a day that goes by without them doing something silly to make us laugh, they truly are a dynamic duo...just like us really!

Luxury Wedding Planner UK | Lily & Sage
Luxury Wedding Planner UK | Lily & Sage